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Patient Communication Boards  => Pricing and More
We can create the perfect custom board for you

For your ER room, for general hospital use, for patient communication, for patient scheduling, for nurse scheduling, the uses are unlimited.      Below are some of our boards done just for hospitals and some of the layouts used.   We have Graphic artists that can help see=>  basic pricing unframed but printed => Small Hardboard Printed Boards     ==> 18" x 24"  Sample Board
        For Plaques of standard sizes see plaque-sizes
       For main Hospital Board page with prices on our most popular MarkaSteel boards go to H-Boards
Other 18x24 layouts

377 at $16.00
11" x 14.4"

377 at $16.00
11" x 14.4"

300 $30.50   18" x 24"
steel board - plastic frame

Main Index

220 $13.20
2 sided FRP
printed 2 sides
8.5" x 11"

300 at $31
many pics

PDF full size 18x24 Sample Board
Hospital Boards

47" x 47" Hardboard
one unit

Scheduling Board
one unit  3' x 4'
pricing for 1-10

not a hospital board but a great example of good layout
one unit

37 x 47"   $161.00
hardboard 1/8"
12 pieces


300 $30.50   18" x 24"
steel board - plastic frame

50 pieces32" x 36"
plaque - ogee edge
23" x 23"
300 boards
hardboard no frame

layout for Kids board

1200 plaques
12" x 18"
$17.34 retail

not a hospital board but good example of scheduling layout

see all board pictures in our photo gallery

Board Styles and Mounting

On thicker boards 5/8" or more we can cut keyholes in the back. See our bullnose boards
See our Plaques with built in marker tray

One can also use some picture hanging items such as adhesive picture hangers available at hardware stores and framing shops