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   MarkaSub Product Line
MarkaSub Substrates

MarkaSub is a family of Materials from our MarkaBoard line we use to produce our Custom Full Color Printed Dry-Erase Boards with.  To see the full range of available substrates see => MarkaSub Substrates.    We presently have a wide range and are constantly developing new materials for new applications.     We have Non-Magnetic, Magnetic,  Thick, Thin, Weatherproof, Light, heavy, frame able, self-framed - we can meet your requirements. 

We offer the MarkaSub surface over various substrates.....
HB  1/8" Hardboard is the most economical
HB2  1/8" Hardboard coated 2 sided
FRP  .090" thick fiberglass reinforced plastic
FRP2  .090" thick fiberglass reinforced plastic 2 sided
MDF  1/2"  with filled back
MDF 5/8" with filled back
PH  .050" Phenolic
Steel  25 Gauge Steel - Magnetic - a great dry erase board - available now after years of development

The Process involves die Sublimation printing (Chemical Printing Process for Graphic Whiteboards) which we are experts at.   The process yields excellent results but does require useable electronic images see Artwork Specification.

We will sell material without printing and will be happy to quote you on it in full sheets or cut and edged to your needs.  Our equipment, expertise, great pricing and large size capabilities will make us the best choice however for both raw material and printing, giving you a finished product.

For some applications other products in our Black & White  Graphics line may so a better job.   We will suggest to you based on the application the absolute best product.    These applications at Black & White include over 4' x 8' single boards, standard music boards, already made up planning boards,  severe service requirements, penmanship boards, and a few standards map boards. 
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