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Actual Photo of finished Board
Actual Photo of finished board

Graphic Whiteboards

History - Indoff - Ct run by Allen Hutton is a major distributor of many brands and types of dry-erase whiteboards.  In pursuit of covering the full spectrum of dry-erase products Indoff- CT had been searching for an affordable method of getting custom graphics onto a quality dry-erase surface.   We did not want to promote the laminated wet-erase products due to their limitations of not being dry-erase (they are only damp erase) and their poor life and ghosting characteristics.   A out of the industry search was performed and we are proud to announce the introduction of  MarkaSub MarkaMagSub and  MarkaLam.   With these 3 product offerings we go way beyond the limited graphics available by screening ceramic-steel or the poor quality of laminated wet-erase.    
General Capabilities
MarkaSub - 40" by 60" graphics from single pieces to thousands - fast turnaround
MarkaSub - 47" by 95" we can do in one shot - less than 5 boards is very expensive but doable  10 or more will be at great pricing
MarkaLam - 58" by 122" when you absolutely need one piece we can do it
MarkaMagSub - in development - but should have a great graphic magnetic boards soon.

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- MarkaBoard Product Family -
MarkaSub    MarkaRace  MarkaMag   MarkaMagSub  MarkaLam


We have pricing and programs for end-users, dealers. OEM's and contractors - Call us.

We sell nationwide form our sales office in CT with manufacturing in SC.
fax us at (860)632-2028 or  auto E-Mail form 
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